Virgin Nail Polish
Nothin beats sorry sex

Nothin beats sorry sex

Figuring this out.

Making myself clear, that as I am too cheap to buy websites I’m going to use tumblr as my source of blogging. 

So here goes. I’m Tiffany, well not really but keeping names anonymous seems like a pretty good idea right now. Don’t ask why i chose Tiffany, I’m wearing a Tiff and Co bracelet, so it’s the first name I see LOL. I’m not rich btw, this bracelet was a first anniversary present from my boyfriend. It was $200…. I know because i picked it out for myself. 

So maybe I’ll go with Tee. Tiffany sounds too girly for me anyway. Yes, My name is Tee. Oh and if you want to know why my blog is called Virgin Nail Polish, it’s because my grandmother has a thing for nail polish colours. Red and any dark colours are considered ‘Slut’ colours, she likes them clean light pink or white. And yes I am typing this in white acrylic nails, thus my virgin nail polish. 

The only information i’m going to give out here is that I am from Melbourne, Australia. The only stylish landmark in Australia, no offence Sydney. 

My blogs are pretty much lifestyle things and sex. Mostly from my perspective and you’ll probably find me rambling about my life stories LOL. 

Today for example. I spent $50 on taxi and buying Mcdonalds for my boyfriend and I to have as breakfast. Yes breakfast to me is the first meal after i wake up, no matter what time it is.. so it was about 2:00pm naturally.

I thought i was being cute. Walking up the driveway with Maccas takeout and drinks in my hand, thinking that I was clearly the BEST girlfriend EVER. Get to the house, Boyfriend opens the door, takes one look at me and says..

"Naw baby thanks, but didn’t you say you were on a diet? I’m paying for your gym remember?" 

My face dropped. I hate when boyfriends remind you about things you already know. Boyfriends aren’t meant to be telling you the truth about yourself, they’re meant to be lying to make you feel good. No girl wants a boyfriend to say “Yes baby you’re fat or yes baby you’re ugly” that’s what friends are for. No we want a boyfriend to say “Baby your beautiful don’t say that about yourself” Automatically when he says that, you know he’s lying but at least making an effort to make you feel better.

I pointed this out to the Boyfriend or Co as I am now going to name him on this blog. Did you see what i did there, Tiffany and Co. Haha !

It really isn’t that funny.. Anywho Co felt bad, and lucky for me i had sorry sex. 

There’s nothing better then sorry sex, unless it’s angry sex. Nobody rarely gets off in happy sex. Unless you’re my friend Diana. She gets off in any type of sex to be honest. 

Thats another reason why i decided to call my blog Virgin Nail Polish. 

It is literally the only ‘Virgin’ thing about me… My nail polish..

Haha peace xo